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Exceeding Your Expectations

Our PR marketing aims to get the right kind of exposure that will take your brand to next level. From helping you devise a solid media kit to writing strong press releases or even responding to the press in times of crisis, we’ve got you covered everywhere. We are willing to knock every door to ensure a brand establishes a credible reputation in the marketplace and in turn generates greater interest amongst customers.

If you are waiting for your brand to be the talk of the town, worry not, that is what our public relations firms are meant for! While there are journalists and media reporters searching for noteworthy brand stories, businesses yearn for the right kind of publicity. We at Bits and Pixels have strong ties with media outlets to help brands get relevant stories out there. Our PR marketing team has the necessary contacts and knows where exactly your brand fits in.

We begin with understanding more about your business. Where in the jungle are you exactly? Do you need people to know about the brand? Do you already have enough exposure and want to maintain an image in the positive light? Or do you want to change the face of your brand? Once we comprehend the need, we choose modes of communication that are tailored as per the nature of the requirement. Influencer marketing, brand collaborations or social media management, we send the message out through the right route.


The ideal PR agency will never let you miss any opportunity that is beneficial. And that is what Bits and Pixels stands for! Our PR marketing team has got your back. If you have been wondering which PR agency you should head to? Just give us a call, we will quickly tell you how we can add value.

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