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About Bits & Pixels

Bits&Pixels – The name is derived from the most basic storage unit – a bit and most basic unit in a design – a pixel. As the name suggests the idea is to build any idea or strategy right from the most basic fundamental part and build on a solid foundation. Each service offered is based on the one question ‘What will help a business make profit?’ and the answer started with

– Each business needs a digital address and Website development services were included
– Once you have a website you need to tell the world about it. What better way to do it then social media and hence the Social Media Marketing services was included
– Being searchable on Google is an important factor for any business and thus we included Search Engine Optimization service
– Being a credible & trusted brand needs other trusted sources and publications to talk about you and we included our PR (Public Relation) services


Founder and Chief Growth Officer – Vishal Singh
After working for about 8 years in IT industry across India, USA and Europe, I felt the need to work on projects that create more direct impact. From this thought came the idea of creating a digital marketing agency which understands the digital need of today’s clients and provide a service which helps them grow and reach their audience in the most efficient manner.
Working with 50+ brands across different sectors, our client centric approach is the way to move forward for the future. Each business has unique goals from marketing and we need to be agile as a company to understand those ever changing needs and be proactive in all our services.
If you are looking for a digital partner to your business that can put their mind & heart to create and execute the right strategies for your brand to grow, then give us a call and see if we are a good fit together.

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